Micro-Winery Tasting

Booking Terms & Conditions of Entry

Under the CovidSafe operation of tasting areas following the Best Practice Guidelines of the NSW Wine Industry Association bookings are required. You agree that your contact information be recorded for potential infection tracking.

SHORT SHEEP encourages you to download, install and have running the Australian Government Covid-Safe Tracking mobile phone app.

The Micro-Winery is subject to a limit of 10 visitors at any one time.

Subject to availability, only previously booked persons will be accommodated. Unbooked visitors are also subject to these Terms & Conditions of Entry.

Please arrive within the first 10 minutes of your chosen one hour time slot. Allow 40-45 minutes for your tasting and purchase. You will be required to leave the premise prior to the end of your booking slot.

You must be seated for service and whenever possible maintain a distance of 1.5m from other visitors and staff.

At the time of booking and entry neither you or any members of your group have any COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in close contact with any persons with a positive COVID-19 test or displaying COVID-19 symptoms e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue or other cold or 'flu like symptoms for the past 14 days.

SHORT SHEEP reserves the right to refuse entry and insist that a group with anyone showing these symptoms leaves the premises immediately.

The booking is non-refundable, but may be altered subject to availability and acceptable notice.