Short Sheep Resurrection

RESURRECTION definition: 1. the act of bringing something that had disappeared or ended back into use or existence... 

Since reopening in June last year it's been fantastic to welcome both previous and new visitors back to Short Sheep, either at the Micro-Winery or at wine tasting events.

The initially released 2022 wines are very nearly sold out, but fear not! New 2023 releases and Resurrection Shiraz and Black Sheep releases are on their way for Easter, creating a more red-centric wine list as we head into the cooler months and seasons. I’m not one prone for blowing my own trumpet or hyperbole - I prefer the wines to speak for themselves - but I think these forthcoming reds and others still maturing in barrel to follow are some of (if not the best) I’ve produced.

It's always great to hear recollections of a first or previous visit to the Micro-Winery, or why the taste of a particular wine has a special significance, and I was truly pleased to find the last few bottles of the 2015 Black Sheep in the Museum stash for some of those that shared their stories.

Wine, perhaps more so than any other drink, is much associated with a combination of people, place and mood. Memories are anchored in our mind when they're associated with a context and jump back into our thoughts as a “Madeleine de Proust” - an expression used to describe smells, tastes and sounds triggering emotional memories from a time past.

Here's to recalling fond memories, and more importantly, making new ones!